Because the best intentions don’t always lead to great results

What areas do I cover?

Childhood issues


Behaviour problems, tantrums and autonomy

Anxiety & nervousness (including selective mutism and separation anxiety)

Fears and phobias

Social skills and shyness

Emotional intelligence and low self-esteem

Poor concentration and hyperactivity, including ADHD

Problems in the relationship or communication between parents or carers

Jealousy and sibiling rivalry

Eating problems

Enuresis and encopresis

Learning difficulties

Early literacy, reading and writing issues, poor reading comprehension and dyslexia

Visual perception problems

Exam anxiety

Exam and homework organization

Studying techniques

Low motivation

School refusal and poor grades 

How do I work?

Through games and dialogue


Children learn more if they’re having fun, that’s why I personalize each therapeutic session to cater to the child’s individual interests.

I incorporate games and materials that they like as much as I can to promote therapy engagement.

With the parents or carers


Because you’re the most important people in their lives, we’ll work closely together to give you advice on how to handle certain situations as well as to solve all those doubts, fears and worries. So you can be your best. 


This is very important to achieve good and long-lasting results. You’re the only ones who can truly help them to practise what they learn in their daily lives. That’s why I make a point of keeping you updated about every objective and achievement.

How can I help?

I'd love to talk. Schedule an appointment today at my office in Valencia or book a free 20 minute phone consultation. Any questions? Email me at
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