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Child psychology and learning difficulties

Assessment and treatment of behavioural problems and other infancy related issues. Remedial teaching and intervention in learning difficulties and school adjustment.


Adolescence is a complex stage of life, full of changes. I offer support in cases of emotional, social and behavioural issues, as well as problems within the family.


Consulting with a psychologist can help you to deal better with your daily life, cope more efficiently with stressful situations and conflicts with friends or family members.

Hi there, I’m Laura

My curiosity about other people’s behaviour drove me to study psychology. My passion for helping others to improve their lives, was the reason why I chose to dedicate my career to clinical psychology.

After living abroad for a few years I settled in my hometown of Valencia and now I work with both spaniards and expats to help them be the best version of themselves.

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I’d love to know more about your concerns and help you reach your goals.


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