"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them"

A. Einstein

When we don’t feel like ourselves for a while, our personal relationships take a toll and our performance at work can suffer.

Although each person is unique, this discomfort can be a result of negative thoughts or emotions that are hard to control, difficulties with concentration, making decisions or enjoying life to the fullest.

A psychologist can help you to solve personal problems and teach you how you can handle situations in your daily live, conflicts with family and friends or stress more effectively.

I can help in cases of:
• Emotional troubles, including depression and anger
• Anxiety, fears and phobias
• Hypocondria
• Difficulties communicating with others effectively (partner, friends, family, colleagues…)
• Low self-esteem
• Perfectionism and procrastination
• Trouble adjusting to new situations (divorce, moving to a different place, new baby, illness, mobbing…)

If your reason for the consult is not listed above, ask for more information in the contact page.

How can I help?

I'd love to talk. Schedule an appointment today at my office in Valencia or book a free 20 minute phone consultation. You can also email your questions at info@lauraceldapsicologia.com
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