Many of my patients come without having an accurate idea of what is going to happen in therapy. While some might have had prior experience with other therapists, only a few actually understand the main objective of the therapeutic process. In this post we will further explore what is therapy about.


 Therapy is not about healing someone frome a disorder. It’s not about learning from a mentor or being showed all the wrongs in your life. Many people is surprised because while we talk about the past, we don’t stay there. In your childhood talking about those who treated you worse than you deserved. It is not about destructive habits acquired along the way or your negative attitudes for that matter.

Therapy isn’t about what you think, it’s how you think. It helps you to be more aware of all those things you assume and accept without noticing. To distinguish and to separate what you think from how you carry that process. We don’t focus on causes or explaining your behaviour as much as looking for patterns in our interpretations of what happens to us or the things that we do. 


Therapy is about how you think. About how you live with your emotions. About what you aspire to be in life, and how you sabotage yourself, sometimes inadvertently, making it harder to reach your goals. It is also about being able to ask for help and letting go of some of that tight and tiring control. Of realising that you’re not alone. 


 Therapy isn’t about the content of your thoughts, is how you live with yourself at the moment.


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